What do we offer?

Business is demanding and long-distance services have to deliver mission-critical reliability. That’s why the largest phone companies already trust xtelus with their call termination services. xtelus delivers the same reliability Carriers depend on to your business, providing you with a robust and cost-effective long-distance solution.

You deserve a competitive edge in the marketplace and xtelus offers you the savings you need! xtelus Enterprise Long Distance allows business customers using aT1/E1 of long-distance or more to receive low rates on a network designed for reliability. And, if you have multiple locations, xtelus can tie all of your locations together for even more savings!

With xtelus Enterprise Long Distance, you receive a cost-effective, reliable solution, enabling you to place outbound long-distance calls anywhere in the world! The end result is a crisp voice service delivered over our high-performance digital communications network.

Switching is easy with a design that supports uninterrupted service. Best of all you can take advantage of xtelus Enterprise Long Distance using your existing phone system and Internet facility. If your phone system is already IP Enabled, you can connect directly to our network—otherwise a simple Media Gateway enables you to connect your existing phone system to our digital network over your existing high performance Internet connection!

Long Distance Service Benefits

  • Designed for reliability and security–Guaranteed network up time at 99.999%*
  • Guaranteed call completion
  • Low rates! With xtelus Enterprise Long Distance service, you can lower your usage rates and consolidate your long-distance traffic for USA and International calls with flexible pricing options.
  • Our high-performance, scalable network can easily accommodate your current and future traffic.
  • Gain the advantage of next generation IP telephony without needing to purchase new IP enabled phone equipment. Keep your existing phone system – get low Long Distance rates.
  • Operator Services and Directory Assistance
  • 24 x 7 network management and monitoring
  • On-line portal for call detail retrieval
  • Connect to the xtelus network from anywhere in the world!

Why Choose xtelus for your Enterprise Long Distance Service?

  • Realize significant cost savings—highly competitive rates for calls within in North America and International calls.
  • Connect with superior reliability and performance through our carrier-class digital network infrastructure.
  • 24 x 7 network management and monitoring through our Network Operations Center
  • Easy Interconnection options—Connect to xtelus at your business locations using your existing high performance Internet connection, or choose one of our alternate locations around the world.

Service Options

  • Master Account Billing — consolidates multiple locations into one bill for one location
  • Account codes that provide additional security and visibility in managing expenses

*SLA is for xtelus provided services; xtelus cannot guarantee the performance of your ISP or hardware manufacturer.

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